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The Meddocks’ Story

Matt thought he had the perfect marriage and family so when Summer asked him for a divorce he was perplexed. A signature away from divorce led them to Relationship Lifeline in hopes to renew their story.

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We actively receive couples from his show who leave the R3 experience with redemptive hope and powerful results.


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Since 1995, R3 Relationship Lifeline, has offered help and encouragement to thousands of individuals and families. 

R3 Relationship Lifeline

R3 Relationship Lifeline is a 3-day program that is much more than a couples retreat – it focuses on the root of each individual’s issues in the relationship. We’ve found that problems develop in relationships not because one or both participants stop communicating or stop being intimate, those are just symptoms of the deeper “root” problem; the WHY couples stop communicating or being intimate has to be discovered and dealt with if there is to be any hope of restoration and healing.  

The root problems lie in each of us as individuals and usually consist of the baggage we’ve dragged into the relationship or marriage with us. 

Seeking help to find and address these personal issues is the first step to restoring or improving a marriage. 

The R3 Relationship Lifeline seminar is way more than simple marriage counseling. It is more than formulating a plan that, if we are being honest, has little chance of helping beyond the weekend. 

Real People. Real Stories.

Robert and Sue

Married for 25 years, they were stuck in a pattern of suppressing instead of resolving conflict. Hear how Relationship Lifeline brought them the self-awareness they needed to transform that reality.


Rock Star turned down...

Gene Simmons, front man for the world-famous rock band KISS, famously bragged that he would never marry until his fear of losing his twenty-seven-year relationship with Playboy bunny Shannon Tweed, won out and he did drop to one knee. Gene set up a surprise proposal in front of cameras for his reality show, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” only the outcome wasn’t at all what he expected. Shannon had grown tired of his womanizing and actually turned him down. To say he was shocked would be the understatement of the year. This is where relationship expert Tina Konkin comes in. The show’s producers panicked and decided a relationship intervention was necessary and Tina and R3 Relationship Lifeline services were enlisted to help try and mend this broken relationship.

Are you looking for a truly effective couples retreat in the Los Angeles area? R3 Relationship Lifeline has a team that focuses on the root of each individual’s issues in the relationship. This focus can help guide you with a plan on how to save your marriage. Our intensive marriage counseling retreats can be a help for marriage in crisis, even if emotional affair recovery is needed. Our premarital retreat will prepare you for your relationship by building a strong and lasting foundation. Please reach out if you feel like you are in need of a couples retreat for troubled marriages.