About Relationship Lifeline

Our purpose is to heal relationships, one broken heart at a time.

In 1993, Ron & Tina Konkin attended a personal development seminar hosted by a partner of Dr. Phil’s, and their lives were forever changed.

The change they felt was so transforming that it impacted every area of their lives. They were better spouses, parents, friends and business partners.  From that one seminar, everything changed — and the change lasted!


Couples Helped

The impact on Tina was particularly clear in her relationship with her young daughter. As a mother, Tina was struggling with rejecting her daughter. After seeing several counselors yet seeing no sustainable results, she reached a point of hopelessness. The seminar brought revelation for Tina: it helped her to genuinely understand the roots of her issues, and how to address them effectively. It helped her to realize that she had been bringing rejection and pain from her past into her relationship with her daughter, and taught her how to break free of old patterns. This is where Ron and Tina realized not only that issues from the past could and do unknowingly resurface and cause damage to important relationships, but also that healing is possible.

Ron and Tina also realized that they felt a deep desire to guide others to experience healing and growth the way that they had.  They realized that their calling was to help others experience the same kind of change that they had:

“to guide others along the journey of becoming healthy individuals who will, in turn, have healthy relationships and families”

For the next two years, they were trained by one of Dr. Phil’s partners.  During this time, they began to develop an understanding of the types of techniques and methods that are truly impactful in helping couples to build strong personal, marital and family relationships.

But even after two full years of training and mentorship, Ron and Tina were not done learning. They attended numerous seminars and programs across North America that were conducted by leading experts in the self-help, relationship and marriage industries. The depth and breadth of their experience gave them the ability to draw on the very best knowledge, research, and techniques to develop their own unique Relationship Lifeline program.

During this journey, they identified three primary tenants that have guided the development of the Relationship Lifeline program:

  • Healthy relationships and marriages begin with healthy individuals.
  • Marriage programs must be interactive, motivational, revealing and healing to create real and permanent change in the foundation of a relationship.
  • In order for individuals and couples to experience a true change in attitudes and behaviors, they must be taken through a series of exercises over a condensed period of time with someone to help guide their emotions and discussion; enabling immediate and lasting outcomes.

Interweaving these tenants, Ron and Tina developed an incredibly effective program that engages individuals and couples from the very first exercise — discussing topics that are meaningful to them and their relationships in ways they’ve never considered. This approach helps couples and family members to understand what they really desire from each other, and also provokes revealing thoughts and genuine interaction that creates real change in the foundation of their relationships.  This approach also helps couples and family learn how to develop new life skills that lead to a deeper level of appreciation for each other, their relationship and their family.

Ron and Tina were married for 32 years and on December 25, 2013 Ron passed away after a four-year journey with cancer. Tina, along with the staff at Relationship Lifeline, continue Ron’s legacy of providing healing, hope and transformation for marriages and family relationships.