It is our mission  to heal relationships, one broken heart at a time 


It is our Vision  to create healthy individuals, who will, in turn, have healthy relationships.


Our programs focus on teaching individuals to navigate the real stuff that they experience on a day-to-day basis so that they can learn to do more than just “get through,” but flourish, and truly enjoy the journey.

Giving adults the opportunity to have healthy todays and children the opportunity for a healthy future is the reason our founders, Ron and Tina Konkin, started their work of healing the broken hearted over 20 years ago and remains our mission today.  As Tina says, “We are here to help the children; by helping  couples maintain loving and healthy relationships.”  We strive each and every day to make that mission a reality.

A Vision of Connectedness…

We understand that our organization cannot do this alone. Making a meaningful difference in reducing the national divorce rate requires an organized, national and multi-disciplinary effort.  Therefore we are committed to taking a leadership role in bringing together organizations, churches, counselors, life coaches, therapists and individuals that have a passion and a heartfelt commitment for helping improve relationships and marriages.

Our work primarily focuses on an intensive and powerful Relationship Lifeline program that helps individuals and couples begin the journey of living a rewarding, meaningful and purposeful life.  We look to our partners to provide aftercare programs that reinforce and enhance the skills learned in our program, and help individuals and couples continue on a healthy  journey.

It is especially our desire that our alumni continue with an aftercare journey assisted by our local church partners.  We believe that men and women become better versions of themselves by actively participating in their church community through men’s, women’s and couple’s programs. 

Our alumni are part of the Relationship Lifeline family for life.  We love staying connected and celebrating life together!  Over 20 years we have learned the importance of aftercare programs and maintaining connections when it comes to success. We are driven to partner with churches and provide them with insights to help guide them build programs that are successful in reaching and ministering to couples. We know that we are but one small piece of a divinely-inspired movement, and sharing our knowledge for the benefit of the Kingdom stands far and beyond our desire for recognition or glory.

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A Vision of a Larger Movement…

It was the belief of our late founder and leader, Ron Konkin, that he was called upon to begin a marriage revival within the church.  He felt that providing hope and healing to marriages would lead couples to become more involved in their church community and towards a more deeply committed Christian life that would be passed on to their children.  This was the legacy that Ron passed on to us, and we are eager to help bring that vision to fruition.

We are not ashamed to tell the world that we are a faith-based organization that’s working to renew relationships and that our desire to serve is born out of our love of God, but we also want any and all to feel comfortable and welcome attending our programs. Therefore we choose not to explicitly preach or push but rather to lead with love, so that attendees will be inspired to seek relationship with our loving God by seeing how He works through us.

A Vision to Reduce the National Divorce Rate…

With a national divorce rate of over 50% for first time marriages, 60% for second time marriages and 70% for third time marriages, there is no question that couples are having a more difficult time than ever figuring how to maintain a successful union in the real world. Divorce is happening at a truly alarming rate, making it very difficult to maintain healthy families and eroding at the foundation of a sacred institution.

We speak truth into the lives of couples that attend our programs and provide them a safe environment where our expert facilitators help them identify and work on the real issues they are experiencing within their marriage. And at the conclusion of our program, we strive to arm our alumni with the tools and connections to faith-based aftercare programs, and life groups that provide them the support they will need over the lifetime of their marriage, equipping them to be powerful success stories instead of merely statistics.