I am a strong worthy man, confidently instilling in others their value and worth, and helping them discover their true potential, so they can inspire those they touch to do the same.

Ron Konkin

Ron Konkin was the co-founder of Relationship Lifeline. His energy, passion and leadership provided us with the foundation that we needed to begin our journey of providing healing, hope and transformation for marriages and family relationships.

Ron lived a life of ministry from childhood — from singing for the elderly at the old age home as a child every Sunday afternoon, to leading worship at kids’ camp where he would eventually meet his wife, Tina, when she was a children’s evangelist. Growing up, Ron felt that a significant part of his purpose was to help bring healing to his family after the heartache they suffered from the death of his brother.  Ron remained true to that sense of calling — healing the brokenhearted — throughout his life.  As an adult he went on to become a youth pastor and an associate pastor at their local church. Later, Ron, Tina and their daughter, Jenny, travelled around the world sharing the Gospel.

In 1995, Ron and Tina founded the organization that we know of today as Relationship Lifeline. It was such a passion that Ron worked full-time in the construction industry to fund the organization that continues to spread his mission of helping others to repair and renew their relationships, and in doing so, change their lives drastically for the better. More than anything else, Ron valued relationships, and understood the importance of nurturing them. Through his sacrifice, cheerful giving and wisdom, he played a significant role in providing hope, healing and transformation to thousands of relationships, marriages and families.

The combination of relationship and redemptive purpose was everything to Ron, and he lived with that singular focus from childhood through his last breath. Ron lived life purposefully with grace and peace.  He had a deep love of Christ that he shared with people around the world. His purpose statement was “I am a strong worthy man, confidently instilling in others their value and worth, and helping them discover their true potential, so they can inspire those they touch to do the same.”

From the time he was diagnosed with cancer in December 2009 and told by doctors that he had only 4 to 12 months to live, Ron’s prevailing desire was to build a legacy around his calling from God.  His purpose was to ensure that the compassion God had instilled in him for bringing healing to the brokenhearted would continue for generations. Ron was a true example of a Christ follower who chose an “I Get to Live Above the Line” attitude that spread to everyone with whom he came in contact with, including his family, friends and clients, and the doctors and nurses who treated him. Even in struggle, his life was a testimony to the light within him.

Our leader, and friend, passed away on December 25, 2013, after a four-year journey with cancer.  His passion, energy and wonderful leadership are missed, but his legacy lives on though his family, the thousands of people whose hearts he touched with inspiration to live a better life, and the countless people whose lives will be made better through paying forward Ron’s teachings. He strived to bless the Lord through every circumstance, and in doing so, he greatly blessed those around him. He is truly missed but never forgotten.

Thank you, Ron, for inspiring a national, faith-based movement that heals the broken and reduces the national divorce rate. We know you’re smiling down on us as we carry your vision forward!