R3 Lifeline Coaching

No one knows your situation better than you do. Whether you are searching for answers as a couple or on your own. It’s not identifying the problem that’s usually the problem, it’s the “how-to” resolve the issue that normally presents the biggest challenge.

More often than not, you’re just too CLOSE to see your relationship or problem clearly. “High emotion, low intelligence” is sort of a catchphrase our founder Tina Konkin uses that I’ve adopted myself mainly because I lived exactly that way too many times to admit to a number!

Tell me you’ve never made a decision when emotion ran high that in hindsight you could clearly see was not in your and probably anyone else’s best interests? A decision that in hindsight most likely made you say “what was I thinking!?” If we’re being honest, we’ve all been there.

High emotion, low intelligence, situations are where we here at R3 Lifeline thrive. As your coach, I can help you see more clearly and less emotionally or, at the very least, I can help you see your situation from a new, different perspective.

My name is Margaret Aubin, and I have been coaching for over 20 years with R3 Lifeline. Whatever challenges you may be facing, I have almost certainly seen them and in most cases have lived through them, maybe not exactly but close enough to have a take on the situation that comes from actual life experience. From, divorce, infidelity, and single parenthood, I know from personal experience there can be healing.

Your relationship with yourself or with others is not something to take lightly. Relationships are hard work. Period. So if you’re ready to put in the work whether it be because this could be your last chance…to fix or end your relationship, either way, just remember that this decision is a monumental one with ramifications you might not have even thought of.

So while the decision is yours and yours alone, wouldn’t you be more at peace knowing you made it from a healthy emotional, mental and yes, even spiritual mindset?

By seeking wise counsel you would be acting not on high emotion but on the experience and logic of someone who’s been in your shoes whose advice and guidance has helped hundreds just like you for decades.

When it comes to a troubled marriage, when people act based on their instincts, things usually get worse, not better. It’s not that what you’re doing doesn’t make sense. It’s that marital situations are not logical; they’re psychological! And unless you understand the psycho-dynamics of broken marital relationships, you’ll dig yourself deeper and deeper into a marital mess. Based on my own personal experiences as well as my decades of counseling experience, I can tell you the outcome of certain decisions before you even make them. Stop guessing. Go ahead and jump off that “crazy train” of high emotion and let me give you clear instructions for resolving your situation that’s based on hundreds of cases just like yours.

Couples Coaching can be for individuals or couples.

If you are having difficulty with your relationship and are looking for guidance on improving communication and enhancing your intimate relationships then our coaching is for you.

What Is Involved

The R3 Factor

R1 – Reveal (yesterday & identify what isn’t working) We will help you Identify problematic areas that are not only in your relationships today but the root of unresolved issues.

R2 – Rewrite (today & letting go of what is not working) by learning to better communicate, resolve conflicts, listen to the other’s desires, and how to increase the intimate bond that so important to a marriage.

R3 – Renew (tomorrow by making it better than before) Living Above the Line with compassion

As a Couples Coach, I will be tasked with helping you identify what is not working in your relationship.

This could include:

  • What are the current difficulties?
  • What are your common values?
  • What can you learn from each partner’s values and desires?
  • How do you communicate with each other?
  • What are your damaged love styles and how are they impacting your relationships?
  • How can you improve your communication skills?
  • $180/session
  • $549/6sessions