Exclusive Couples Retreat

The intensive and exclusive couples retreat is designed for the couple wanting a more exclusive experience. Offered in both the United States and Canada, this 3-day, all inclusive and highly interactive weekend provides couples with your own personal coach, meetings with directors, accommodations, and meals – all held in some of the most beautiful locations available. With a group size from 2 to 4 couples, you are able to work at the root of the issues in a safe and private atmosphere.


“We were slightly incredulous at first but (their) process peeled away the layers (and years) of resentment, bad habits, complacency, and miscommunication and replaced that with renewed passion, respect, gratitude and understanding. We were stunned. We highly recommend it for any couple that is in crisis, wants to break the chains of complacency or wants to explore the possibilities of taking their relationship to the heights only previously dreamed possible.”   

-Billy Baldwin & Chynna Phillips Baldwin

Billy Baldwin & Chynna Phillips Baldwin

This August my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. 3 years ago I thought that was impossible. At that time we were separated and I was getting ready to sign the divorce papers. I had fallen out of love due to various issues in our marriage and saw no hope of things getting any better. I really had no desire to go as I saw things as hopeless. Through various exercises during the intensive weekend I was not only able to forgive my husband but we both were able to understand how we had gotten where we were and what we could do to get back on track and make our marriage work.

-Jeff and Nancy Blaha

Jeff and Nancy Blaha

“We entered the weekend rather reluctantly, simply expecting to experience just ‘another’ marriage seminar. What happened in those few days was more than an experience; it was an encounter that rocked our marriage! We experienced lasting transformation in such a deep level, that the only word that describe it is miraculous!”

-Pastors Anthony & Madeleine Greco, Calgary Life Church

Pastors Anthony & Madeleine Greco, Calgary Life Church

Each and every client receives the "Celebrity Treatment"!

Tina Konkin’s approach is based on The R3 Factor. The R3 Factor is a 3 step process of 1. REVEAL 2. REWRITE 3. RENEW. Tina believes all 3 parts  are necessary to attain a healthy relationship. Without the reveal, an individual cannot heal or change. Reveal is acknowledging that unresolved issues of the past affect our present relationships. Rewrite is to change how we emotionally and mentally react in our present day. Renew is making life and your relationship better than it ever was before. Tina engages you from the very first exercise – discussing topics that are meaningful to you and your marriage in ways you never considered. Her approach helps you understand what you really desire from each other, and also provokes revealing thoughts and genuine interaction that creates real change in the foundation of your relationship. This helps you learn how to develop new life skills that lead to a deeper level of appreciation for each other, you relationship, and your family. You don’t have to be a celebrity to attend, but if you want a more private experience, Couples Retreat is for you!


Price Per Couple


  • 2 nights hotel included
  • Newport Beach 5 star hotel & meals
  • Over 30 hours of exercises, activities and experiential learning
  • A personal Coach assigned to each couple
  • Limited to 2-4 couples