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Why Not Be a 10?

If your marriage is already at a “10,” then we might not be able to help you improve it — but we can give you the tools to make sure you stay there. And, if you’re at a 7, 8, or 9 and striving for your best possible marriage, we can help you cultivate a deeper and healthier love than you might be able to imagine!

What does a relationship need to be a 10? How do you even get there? Do you know your spouse’s love language? Do you know your own love language? Do you know what we mean by a love language? How often do you surprise each other with unsolicited acts of love? Do you sometimes get set off by little things and immediately regret your reaction? Do you know how to stop that? Marriage is work, but it also should be a joy!

Maybe sometimes your spouse feels more distant than you’d like, and maybe sometimes you sense that things are being swept under the rug. They’re just little things, right? Learn how to face those issues before the little things accumulate into something big. Not only will we help you to work towards a “10,” but we will help you prevent major issues in the future that could arise from a build up of little things that you might be ignoring now.

We can help by teaching you healthy habits and giving you practical tools to enhance your intimacy and open communication. Our program will ensure your relationship is set up for continued success regardless of life’s challenges. We have more than 20 years of experience helping all types of marriages find ways to ignite the sparks and increase romance in their relationships and we can show you how, too.

Healthy marriages are a gift to the entire family and we will help you explore how to share that gift with your children.

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Are you really hearing each other?

Good communication is the cornerstone to building and maintaining any healthy relationship. It creates a sense of intimacy that can be shared throughout a lifetime, and it’s nearly impossible for any relationship to thrive without it. Whether you would like to improve your conflict resolution or experience a deeper connection with your spouse, you can achieve it through communication. Thankfully, it can be learned!

We can help you develop your communication skills so that you and your partner can establish and sustain a relationship filled with closeness, love and respect.

How do we set boundaries with within our families?

A marriage is more than a relationship with a spouse — it is the uniting of two families and the creation of a new one. It can be complicated trying to set boundaries with the in-laws as you start growing a new family with your spouse. How do you manage everyone’s expectations around holidays, birthdays and family traditions? These are common challenges, and in fact a recent study found that over 60% of couples felt that friction with their in-laws caused them long-term stress. But while these struggles are common, we believe that they are far from inevitable.

We can help you learn how to create balanced, stable and happy relationships with extended family that will bless your marriage instead of strain it.

How do we bring our families together?

It’s becoming more and more common for men and women to enter into second marriages with children from their first marriage, but that doesn’t make it any easier. This dynamic brings new and unique challenges for your blended family — how do you teach your children a new set of rules based on compromises with your new spouse? Will you share authority in parenting matters? It can be challenging for stepparents to earn the respect and love of stepchildren that were subjected to a painful divorce. Holidays, family gatherings and special events provide a whole new set of challenges to navigate. While all of these tests can certainly be stressful for parents, the most vital matter is providing a safe and loving atmosphere for the kids who run the risk of being caught in the middle.

We can help you create the unity and boundaries necessary for the best possible environment for your kids and teach you the skills you need to bring together a blended family with affection instead of tension.

Do you miss that special closeness?

That spark. That connection. That desire to be close. Maybe it came easy when you first started dating or were newlyweds, but now it’s like there’s a space between you, and you’re not sure how to get through it. Maybe your needs for physical intimacy aren’t being met, or maybe it’s emotional intimacy you crave. If the stresses and demands of life have left no time for maintaining your connection, there are many ways to rekindle and sustain a passionate relationship.

We help couples rediscover their connection with each other and recapture intimacy in their relationship. We can help you.

Can your partner be your shelter in a world of storms?

Maybe your marriage is fine, good even, but you just don’t have that sense that you are each other’s safe harbor — the place where you know you can bring the secrets of your heart and your deepest fears and insecurities, and know that you’ll be met with love and understanding. Maybe you can’t seem to find the right way or bring up the challenging topics. Maybe you’ve tried, and it didn’t go so well. Maybe you’re scared you’ll be met with judgment instead of empathy.

We can help you develop the skills necessary to have those important talks and cultivate that sense of refuge, both throughout the weekend and thereafter.

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David and Cindy Meek

Relationship Lifeline was a life changing experience. Our life is truly changing due to the opportunity to grow and learn more about each other and most importantly ourselves. Living above the line is a daily decision, and not always easy. One of the most important things to do is continuing to stay involved and TA!!

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