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Hope for the Broken Hearted

By July 17, 2016Uncategorized



Six months ago my husband and I attended Relationship Lifeline. After 22 years together, 14 years of marriage, a 20-year-old son, and a seven-year-old daughter, we finally hit a wall.

We were in a drought of hope and pure exhaustion. We had been to counseling sessions, marriage retreats, and great marital classes. However, in our moment of truth, we were just plain tired.

Like most couples, we got to a point in our marriage where we believed we had run out of options. In our relationship, we had struggled with fidelity issues, legal issues, financial disasters, and workaholism. The exhaustion of dealing with our own issues, as well as each other’s issues, just got to be so overwhelming for us that we believed it would be easier to just walk away. We were brokenhearted and losing hope.

When the opportunity arose to attend Relationship Lifeline, we both felt it was a last ditch effort to give us the push we needed to keep going, or to end it all. We are thankful to God for the opportunity we had to attend. During the intensive, we decided to continue to honor our commitment to each other and

Were there issues resolved for us? Yes! Was there healing for our hearts? Absolutely! Were our eyes opened to new truths about ourselves and each other? Yes! Going into session I believed I was going to get an intense weekend of fixing my marriage. I experienced so much more than what I thought I

I would love to say that Relationship Lifeline is a miracle drug and that you will walk away with a problem-free relationship, but that would be like saying we can promise you that you will never have to

Sometimes, it takes a marriage to get to a near death experience before signs of new life begin to appear. Our story is just one of the stories of life change that have come through Relationship Lifeline. The stories that we will share in this blog will be from people who have found hope and healing from experiencing Relationship Lifeline or other classes they offer.

A good marriage is like good health. You have to continue to feed it good food in order for it to flourish. Thankfully, there are also many other resources offered by Relationship Lifeline to help you on your journey after you have attended the Lifeline program. For more information about additional classes or life coaching opportunities please contact: Margaret Aubin at c| 949.698.0868 |o| 1.800.718.4650.

By Jen Morgan