How GOD Used “THE OTHER WOMAN” Saving your marriage after infidelity.




“THE OTHER WOMAN SAVED MY MARRIAGE” is based on a true story about faith, love and redemption in light of overwhelming odds against all three of those things. When Tina Konkin, renowned marriage expert and speaker along with her husband Ron, finds out Ron is having an affair with her best friend, God uses these incredibly damaging circumstances to level both Ron and Tina so that He can rebuild not only their marriage but also their ministry.


Ron Konkin’s mother is dying. This is happening. His slightly cold, focused wife Tina does what she always does, pushes him to just power through it, they will all survive, except his mother of course. Tina’s focused, but cold way of trying to help her husband deal with his devastating grief only serves to push Ron away, and unfortunately right into the arms of Tina’s best friend. That’s correct, the golden child, so dubbed by his sister, and marriage expert is having an affair with his wife’s best friend. As you can imagine, Tina finds out and everything hits the fan.

This new book is soon to be released from Focus On The Family, “How The Other Woman Saved My Marriage” tells the gripping true story of how God worked one miracle after another to sort through the chaff of this possibly damaged beyond repair marriage to not only repair and strengthen this marriage, but to grow a ministry that continues to save countless marriages, as Tina says “one heart at a time.”

From the moment Tina is confronted with the undeniable evidence of the affair and is forced to confront her husband, through Tina’s “mirror moment” where God shows her the part she played in this mess, we watch them face obstacle after obstacle, all the ugly crying and dark cold nights alone with only God and their fears to keep them company.

We are afforded an intimate look at a marriage on the brink that can only survive through God’s amazing grace and a couples undying desire to never give up on the marriage or each other, even when told to by their most trusted spiritual advisors and counselors to do just that.


This is story of failure and shame, but more importantly a story of redemption and healing and perfect example of the scripture found in genesis 50:20:
“You plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good, in order to preserve the lives of many people who are alive today because of what happened.”

With one slight change: the many MARRIAGES that are alive today because of what happened.