Meet the Team

Ken & Teena Starr – Owners

Hello, I’m Ken Starr, the proud owner of Relationship Lifeline, a program dedicated to the profound journey of healing and restoration. My upbringing in the home services business instilled in me the early lesson of the importance of building meaningful connections with others, whether they be customers, colleagues, or strangers passing by.

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From that grounding, my life’s path not only led me to manage multiple companies but also to embark on the fulfilling journey of spearheading Relationship Lifeline. This organization is a labor of love, born from the belief that everyone deserves the chance to experience life-changing restoration. My wife Teena and I attended Relationship Lifeline and were so deeply moved that we decided to take ownership ourselves.

Relationship Lifeline is not exclusively for couples; it’s a haven for anyone seeking personal growth and a renewed sense of self. Our goal is simple yet profound – to bring healing to the world, one relationship at a time. The breakthrough weekend focuses on restoration and personal growth, aligning seamlessly with my broader vision of making a positive impact on society. From foster care and youth initiatives to combating sex trafficking, promoting education, championing purity, engaging in prison ministry, and fostering a culture of prayer – every facet contributes to our mission of transforming lives.

So, I invite you to join me on this journey of healing. Together, let’s bring the reality of love and connection to every corner of the earth. It’s about collaboratively discovering our unique purposes and coordinated assignments, ultimately transforming lives one home and one relationship at a time.

Teena Starr

Hi, I’m Teena Starr – a woman whose passion for life and love is deeply intertwined with a profound connection to the Holy Spirit. My spiritual journey began seven years ago, leading me on a transformative path of inner healing and deliverance that turned my brokenness into wholeness.

Blessed with the guidance of spiritual friends, leaders, and mentors, I learned the true power of prayer and fasting. For over six years, my husband and I have stood in unity, passionately praying together, witnessing the supernatural unfold in our families and businesses. As a delighted and blessed mom of three boys, family is at the heart of my joy. I’m particularly driven to reach and teach others about God’s transformative power in every aspect of life – from personal lives to families, marriages, businesses, and ministries. Honoring Christ in all we do has been the key to the blessings we’ve experienced, and I believe that the same transformative power is available to everyone.

Restoration is at the heart of everything I believe in and live by. My commitment to this principle extends to Relationship Lifeline, a program that holds a special place in our family’s healing journey. It’s a unique gift, a space where we can openly discuss the challenges of our families, childhood, and life. In a world that often discourages vulnerability, Relationship Lifeline empowers growth and freedom, allowing individuals to break free from pain and suffering.

Join me on this journey of healing and transformation. Together, let’s embrace the power of restoration and the blessings that come from honoring Christ in every aspect of our lives. He’s done it for me, and I believe He can do it for you too!

Margaret Aubin – Director

Margaret Aubin began her business career in Manchester, England as co-owner of the largest modeling agency in the North of England.  After 18 years in the industry she was beginning to feel unfulfilled and was seeking a change of direction. After attending Relationship Lifeline herself, Margaret came to the realization that her purpose in life was to help hurting people find hope and healing. She has been in a variety of ministry and personal growth leadership positions for the past 30 years in Canada and the United States, including Saddleback Church & Mariners Church, where she is currently the first responder for couples in crisis.

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Margaret has personally coached hundreds of couples in an effort to help them find hope and healing in their marriages. She is married to Paul Aubin and they are blessed with 7 children and 13 grandchildren.

Woodrew & Carol Chao – Directors & Program Facilitators

As director and program facilitator with Relationship Lifeline, Woodrew and Carol coach individuals and couples towards relational healing and renewal. They share a common passion for outreach, so they volunteer regularly with International Student/Scholar Fellowship in West Los Angeles, and are members of their church’s marriage ministry: marriage and pre-marriage mentor team (Prepare/Enrich certified facilitators).

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Woody is a semi-retired management/technology consultant that enjoys coaching/playing badminton, hiking, fishing, and technology.  

Carol is a retired branch manager for LA Public  Library and enjoys connecting with people, badminton, reading, cooking, and hiking. 

Both Woody and Carol appreciate how Relationship Lifeline gave them a second chance and enhanced their relationships with family, friends, colleagues and all they interact with in life. 

Tommy and Michele Hunter – Directors

Michele Hunter is fiercely passionate about helping women step out of victim mindset and into their true identities as daughters of the King. She herself has overcome years of traumatic sexual abuse at the hands of family members, a long personal criminal history and now she is a warrior for God’s kingdom.

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Her life experiences are what fuels the fire to spread the message of freedom to every woman, no matter their background. She is real, raw and knows firsthand the power of a transformed life. 

For the last 10 years, Tommy Hunter has sought to bring the same freedom he received to those he encounters all over the world. Tommy has been fully healed from a childhood of sexual, physical and verbal abuse and now lives his life serving God preaching, teaching, leading and loving people into freedom. His heart’s greatest desire is to teach men how to grow from being boys to becoming men after God’s heart. He is known as “The Father of Many” to people all over the world.

Paul Scarborough – Producer

Paul met co-founder of Relationship Lifeline, Ron Konkin, at his Yorba Linda Church in 2013, attended the program and has been serving ever since. He is the President of a large ambulance company and formally a law enforcement professional.

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Paul has been dedicated to helping others and aims to inspire and mentor those that participate in the Relationship Lifeline weekend. Paul also leads a ministry team at Yorba Linda Friends Church.