MHC Refund/Cancellation Policy


Money Back Guarantee: If you feel that there was no value in the program for you personally, you will be given a refund for tuition only. $50 Administration fee will be withheld.

MHC’s Refund policy is only valid if participant has attended and participated in every session and requests are to be in writing at the end of the program.


Registration Cancellations: Any Registrant may transfer the Registration with the following results:

Registrant can elect to reschedule to the next event with a small transfer fee, provided he/she gives at least 7 days’ written notice prior to the event.


The Registration Fee may be moved forward up to one year from date originally registered for a MHC event. A Registrant may transfer their Registration to an event in another city where a Relationship Lifeline event is held.


A registrant must request to move their registration to another city within 7 days of the event they are registered to attend.


Cancellation Policy:


A Registrant may only transfer their registration fee to another event within one calendar year.  We do need 7 days’ notice, otherwise a $200 transfer fee will be incurred.