Relationship Lifeline is a three-day engaging experience where you are actively part of a transformation that could never be done “to you” but only “by you”. The program includes over 35 hours of exercises that focus on the real stuff that everyone experiences on a day-to-day basis. Our intensive marriage counseling retreats have helped bring over 4,000 couples and individuals to emotional and relational health for over 20 years. Relationship Lifeline is your answer to the genuine personal and relational happiness only attainable through honest self-discovery for yourself and your relationships. Through a safe environment, free from the pressures and expectations of life, is it possible to identify the root causes of personal and relational issues. Our interactive experiences will help uncover emotions locked away long ago so they can be revealed, rewritten, and renewed from limiting your future fulfillment. The program is so effective it provides the equivalent of two years of  counseling in just a long weekend.

Our team of experts are passionately committed to paying forward the amazing healing power of Relationship Lifeline – healing relationships one broken heart at a time. Love is the beginning and love is the end, but it is in between where real life happens – that is where most individuals get off track. Life presents challenges, stresses, and temptations that can push a relationship past the breaking point. People try tirelessly to improve relationships with counseling, therapy, and self-help books which all can be affective, if couples are willing to go to the root of the issues.  Without going to the root of personal issues couples only experience short-term improvements that quickly vanish, only now with one more failed attempt on the record. When you finally realize the quick fixes are not your long-term solution and you want to solidify your relationship on a healthy foundation, it’s time for the Relationship Lifeline experience. We have saved relationships from just about any situation imaginable for over 20 years, including affair recovery.

Regardless of the issues or trauma in your past, WE CAN HELP YOU find healthy resolutions that allow your relationships to move forward. Join the thousands of individuals who discovered newfound love, happiness, and fulfillment they never knew was possible

We help you transform

Healthy Individuals

We believe that healthy individuals have a sense of self-awareness that enables them to identify unresolved issues, personal triggers, destructive behaviors, and toxic thoughts.

Healthy Decisions

Emotional healing prevents destructive decisions based in self-desires, anger, and fear. We can help you make healthy decisions, for you and your loved ones, to begin the healing process.

Healthy Relationships

The ability to see situations from another person’s perspective will reveal the “whys” behind conflicts, why your partner feels differently than you do, and how you can relate to each other.

The Relationship Lifeline Approach

Our approach engages individuals from the very first exercise

Our unique approach engages individuals from the very first exercise —discussing topics that are meaningful to them and their relationships in ways they’ve never considered. This approach helps individuals and couples to understand what they really desire from their relationships, and also provokes revealing thoughts and genuine interaction that creates real change in the foundation of their relationships.  This approach also helps individuals learn how to develop new life skills that lead to a deeper level of appreciation for each other, their relationship and their family. Specifically, the Relationship Lifeline program provides a structured environment where people:

  • Feel safe to reveal their true thoughts and feelings
  • Identify the triggers that cause conflict
  • Begin to heal unresolved issues of the past
  • Begin to understand the real source of issues
  • Learn techniques to communicate effectively
  • Learn how to manage frustrations
  • Ultimately enhance their relationship

What about meals and lodging?

Participants are responsible for their meals and lodging while attending the program and we have worked with our select hotel providers to offer special pricing to our program participates.

What we recommend

The days can be long and emotionally draining, so we highly recommend that participants stay at the event hotel. At the end of the day it‘s great to be able to walk back to your room. It allows you to maintain personal focus and to minimize distractions.