• The Experience
  • Is there a “spiritual” component in Relationship Lifeline?

    We invite people of all faiths to participate in Relationship Lifeline. Regardless of spiritual belief system, we do not push our spiritual beliefs and neither do attendees. Our goal is to help people heal from all types of damage in their past (physical, emotional, and spiritual) to enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life. The entire weekend focuses on the emotional damage as a result of life events, with the exception of an exercise addressing spiritual damage on the last day.

  • What might a day at a Relationship Lifeline look like?

    Every day at Relationship Lifeline is a full day of engaging, experiential exercises focused on self-discovery and building a broader perspective on how to have healthy relationships. A typical day begins at 9:00 am and lasts until the Facilitators sense the group has achieved the goals for the day – usually around 11:00 pm. We provide short breaks every 1.5 or 2 hours, along with longer breaks for lunch and dinner. The weekend continues to build on itself in our time tested way to help you find your break through “Aha” moment.

  • Is Relationship Lifeline just for couples, or is it also available for individuals?

    We believe that healthy relationships begin with healthy individuals. Success in Relationship Lifeline is ultimately seen as creating healthier individuals who are capable of healthy relationships.

    In some cases a spouse may be unwilling to attend – that’s ok! Oftentimes an absent spouse will attend Relationship Lifeline shortly after witnessing the impact it has on their partner. We welcome you to attend regardless if you have to come alone or with your partner.

  • Who Should Attend
  • Why should people attend Relationship Lifeline?

    We all carry the baggage of our past throughout our lifetime. Relationship Lifeline has helped over 4,000 couples over the past 20 years better understand themselves as individuals, identify issues potentially coloring their perspective, and reconnect with their partner in order to have a more fulfilling relationship. Our time tested, experience-based learning weekend truly works! Participating in exercises and experience processes will deepen learning beyond traditional methods. Our after care programs and alumni association help ensure alumni continue the relationships of their dreams for the rest of their lives. No other program is as effective as Relationship Lifeline, but for a point of comparison, it has been said to be the equivalent of two years of therapy – but at 1/10th of the cost.

  • Who should consider attending Relationship Lifeline?

    Relationship Lifeline is equally as effective for healthy couples to take their relationship from good to great. Couples often develop a better appreciation for each other, more effective communication, and a deeper emotional connection than they ever thought was possible. If you are not currently married, Relationship Lifeline will prepare you with the tools for a healthy relationship whether it is as a married couple or maintaining a positive co-parenting environment for your children after a divorce.

  • Our Organization
  • Why are you qualified to offer Relationship Lifeline?

    In 1993, our founders attended a personal development seminar that changed their lives forever. They were so impacted by their experience that they made a personal commitment to pay forward the opportunity for a truly better quality of life and relationships. Our proprietary, interactive program is built around experiential exercises proven to facilitate growth, empowerment, and healing for individuals, couples, and families. Relationship Lifeline’s core purpose is to create healthy individuals who will, in turn, have healthy relationships and families. Over the past 20 years we have transformed over 4,000 couples and we passionately expand our impact every month.

  • Why do you refer to this as a Relationship Lifeline and not a marriage or couples Relationship Lifeline?

    We believe that healthy relationships and marriages begin with healthy individuals. Our purpose is to help create healthy individuals by giving them the tools and awareness to view their life through more than one lens. The ability to view circumstances in multifaceted ways brings a deeper sense of self awareness, more sensitive eyes of compassion for others, and stronger emotional connections. The transformation begins with the individual, is sustained by the individual, but is lived out when healthy people make decisions from a healthy emotional state. The impact is profound across all relationships – with your spouse, family, friends, and broadly with people in your community.

  • What skills and background do the Facilitators bring to the Relationship Lifeline experience?

    Everyone faces challenges at some point in life – including our Facilitators. Our passion for paying forward the transformational experience stems from the unbelievable ways that we overcame our own pasts and built relationships beyond our wildest dreams. We don’t teach, we don’t lead, we transform because Relationship Lifeline is a part of us. Regardless of your issues, we’ve helped people through it if not lived it ourselves. The select few people we entrust to facilitate our program have been through some of life’s greatest pains, renewed themselves as Relationship Lifeline attendees at some point, were specially trained for at least 4 years, and have been key to our track record of transforming over 4,000 couples over the past 20 years.

  • Other
  • What if I’m not satisfied with Relationship Lifeline?

    We have been running Relationship Lifeline for over 20 years and stand behind it 100%. Why — because we have seen it all and experienced most of life’s challenges ourselves. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for your personal satisfaction of the Relationship Lifeline.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We understand that unexpected events happen. We allow registrants to transfer their registration to another event within a year of the original date. The transfer also includes the ability to transfer registration to another location where Relationship Lifeline is held.

  • Will all my information be kept confidential?

    There is a strict confidentiality policy without exception for everyone involved at Relationship Lifeline in any capacity. We go through extra efforts to provide a safe and confidential environment for everyone attending. We have had people of all backgrounds and occupations come through our program without issue. If you have additional concerns, call us at 800-718-4650 for more information or to learn about other programs we offer.

  • AfterCare
  • Why should I join the Alumni Association?

    Once you complete Relationship Lifeline you are part of the Relationship Lifeline family for life and invited to join the Alumni Association as a primary way to stay connected. Our alumni enjoy the benefits of continued engagement with Relationship Lifeline, access to our community of other healthy couples and individuals seeking engagement and continued emotional health, access to alumni-only content, invitations to alumni only events and workshops, helpful reminders and tips, and newsletter updates.

  • What type of after care programs do you provide?

    Everyone who goes through Relationship Lifeline becomes part of the Relationship Lifeline Family and alumni association. Maintaining your emotional health will take work, just like maintaining your physical health. We provide many opportunities and resources to reinforce our core principals, including: follow-on seminars, monthly workshops, avenues to join community/life groups, individual/couples coaching, alumni newsletters, recommended readings, and other ways to stay involved with us.

  • What can I expect after leaving Relationship Lifeline?

    We promise you will leave Relationship Lifeline in a healthier place than you arrived. Many people describe leaving on Sunday like being on a cloud with a newfound view on life. Typically when couples attend together they share a renewed view of themselves, each other, and higher expectations for where their relationship can transcend. Relationship Lifeline is exhausting and invigorating at the same time. When you get home you will have renewed interested in evaluating all aspects of your life, identify changes to prevent old habits from sabotaging your progress and create new habits for sustainable emotional health. As a member of the Relationship Lifeline family and alumni association you will have additional opportunities for staying connected, access to after care programs, recommendations and reminders of core principals, and invitations to alumni only events.

  • Logistics
  • Why is staying at the event hotel recommended?

    Relationship Lifeline is intense. It begins at 9:00 am and lasts well into the evening. We highly recommend staying onsite as part of the overall experience, to eliminate long drives and traffic frustrations, to maintain focus on your self-discovery process, to minimize distractions of life, and for easy access to restaurants onsite.

  • What is included in the price of Relationship Lifeline?

    Relationship Lifeline includes over 35 hours of scheduled activities and exercises over three and a half days led by Facilitators with over 20 years of experience. We stand 100% behind our program and offer a money back guarantee. Also included is access to our Alumni Association, after care programs and community opportunities. You are responsible for your meals and lodging while at Relationship Lifeline.