Our Founder and Team

Tina Konkin,  Co-Founder & Executive Director

tina-konkin-transp-bkgrdFor over 32 years, Tina Konkin has been helping heal the broken-hearted through her story of abuse and abandonment. Tina has touched thousands of lives by demonstrating that your past doesn’t have to control your future. She is the Founder and Director of R3 Lifeline and facilitates the intensive Relationship Lifeline and the Couples Retreat, a sought-after motivational speaker, and a believer in Living Above the Line.

Tina Konkin has the ability to see passed the facade and through to the real issues. As a speaker, Tina is engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. She gets real and has the ability to bring the audience along with her. Tina’s captivating charisma brings laughter, tears, and emotion to her audiences. For the past 25 years Tina has facilitated hundreds of seminars for youth, adults, couples, and families. She is a sought-after speaker for women’s groups, conferences (California Women’s Conference, Smart Marriages, NARME,etc) churches, and businesses across the United States and Canada, as well as overseas. Tina has also been featured on radio, television and Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Real housewives of Orange County and the Today Show. Tina Konkin is a resource for many churches, counselors, organizations and The Dr. Phil Show.

Tina Konkin is most passionate about healthy adults raising children in a positive environment so cycles of dysfunction stop moving from one generation to the next. Tina Konkin was raised in a home where a child should be seen and not heard, she strongly believes that a child’s mind is developed by the messages they receive as children and as children cannot yet decipher truth from lies. Lies about their worth start in the mind & in turn becomes a child’s truth. Their truth will determine who they become.

Tina Konkin has been an advocate for children for 30 plus years even before her work with broken couples and families began she was involved in children’s camps. As a ventriloquist she traveled around the world and any chance she got to make children laugh she did not pass on the opportunity. Emotionally healthy children are not born that way they are raised in an environment where love, laughter and character building is shown by example. Tina believes a child’s mind is precious, priceless real estate and needs to treated that way. “What we believe about ourselves as adults is a direct result of what we saw, heard and experienced as a child.” Tina says.

A beautiful mind is what every child has & deserves to preserve. Tina has been facilitating programs, retreats and camps since the early 90’s stressing the importance of creating an environment where children can be seen & heard & given the confidence to face challenges & made to feel that success is measured by how many times we get up and not by how many times we fall. Tina has dedicated her life bringing awareness to adults that their personal emotional health affects their children.

We know that an organization is only as strong as its people, and we’re sure proud of ours. Our leadership team and volunteers come from very diverse backgrounds, but are brought together by one powerful commonality: each team member attended the Relationship Lifeline program, was transformed by the experience, and is passionate about empowering others to find that same kind of healing and renewal. Since our range of experiences are so wide, we can empathize with you no matter what your situation. We’ve been there. And we can tell you that there’s hope.

  • Margaret AubinDirector – Programs / Facilitator
  • Denise Santangelo Management Coordinator
  • Roxanne (Rocki) MaroneyProgram Facilitator
  • Rob MaroneyProgram Facilitator

Our Amazing Volunteers

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