Potato Chips

“Bet you can’t eat just one!” was the slogan for Lay’s potato chips. Recently I went to my pantry and found a large amount of potato chip bags. We aren’t big “potato chip” eating people, but because we had been to a few potlucks recently and hosted some gatherings, we had a huge share of half full bags leftover.


Since we’ve had them in our pantry, I found us eating more of them when we were snacking, because they were there. I soon found one bag disappearing at a time, which meant, I wasn’t the only one eating them.  We began eating the thing that filled a craving and was available. It definitely wasn’t the healthiest snack choice. However, it kept us coming back for more, probably due to the high salt content.


When we are bored or on autopilot, we sometimes go to that which is easily accessible to fill us up or make us feel better.  For some it may be social media, your job, people’s approval, etc. The problem is that when we go to these things to meet our needs, someone or something is being ignored: our spouse, our kids, difficult tasks etc…Also, when we go to these things, we find that they only have the ability to fill us up temporarily and so they create the continuous need for us to go back to them.


Let’s all take a minute to clear out our closets of junk food that fill us in unhealthy ways.  Let us focus on our relationships that need our attention. After I finish writing this blog, I’m going to throw away some bags of chips and think about the things in my life that are empty fillers.  What are you going to do today because “You Get To”?


Jen Morgan