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Billy Baldwin & Chynna Phillips - Actor & Singer

“We were slightly incredulous at first but (their) process peeled away the layers (and years) of resentment, bad habits, complacency, and miscommunication and replaced that with renewed passion, respect, gratitude and understanding. We were stunned. We highly recommend it for any couple that is in crisis, wants to break the chains of complacency or wants Continue Reading

David & Shannon Beador - Real Housewives of Orange County

“Life-changing is the best phrase to describe our experience with Tina Konkin and her staff. At first it was unclear whether our marriage would even survive. And today, our marriage is healthier and happier than either of us thought possible. Tina is definitely a blessing from above!”

Nancy & Jeff

“At that time we were separated and I was getting ready to sign the divorce papers.  I had fallen out of love due to various issues in our marriage and I saw no hope of things getting any better. Through various exercises I was able to forgive my husband. I look at him now with Continue Reading


I had done a lot of in-depth discovery of myself before I attended this Relationship Lifeline Intensive. I struggled with major depression, loss of self, and no purpose. I didn’t really know what I liked in most areas of my life. I wanted to make decisions in a healthy emotional state – I truly believe Continue Reading

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Relationship Lifeline saved my marriage…..even after I had filed for divorce and thought there was no hope. Thank you Lifeline! -Alyssa

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sol and collin

The Relationship Lifeline Intensive is a great place for every single individual. It helped me, helped my husband and family to grow stronger. Get ready to experience some hidden feelings and open up about the most well kept secret you had. Loved our experience . Would recommend to anyone. Really anyone! -Sol & Collin

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H & B

Sometimes thank you does just not seem like enough… Just a few short years into our “fairytale” marriage, it was crumbling around us. We had been in counseling for months and we would leave those sessions each week feeling more defeated than the last. When we hit rock bottom…I did not know what to do; Continue Reading


Hello I am Renee Bohn, I cannot even begin to tell you what Relationship Lifeline has done for me and my family. It gave me the tools to know that I can stand up and be my own person but to make better choices and look at life in a different light a happier light. I Continue Reading

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D & N

My husband had an affair. Relationship Lifeline made us realize what is important to us. FAMILY. Also made him realize that he was living in LaLa land. Made me look at myself and see the areas I could grow in. Did coaching after the seminar to keep on track and 4 years later we are Continue Reading

Jeff & Caren Polen

A 20 year marriage that evolved into nothing more than room mates. An affair that came out of that loneliness and lack of communication. A job in ministry that left the husband feeling worthless and unloved except in the arms of another. A unity of two becoming one that turned into two separate lives again. Continue Reading

Kathy Requejo

When I came to Relationship Lifeline I felt most of my personal healing had already been achieved. My marriage was good and consistantly getting better. I felt the we were on solid ground yet there was still something eluding me personally. I ended up attending the program because of Tina’s visit to my church. During her Continue Reading

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Lisa Helou

Having been raised by a single abusive alcoholic mother of three, life from the beginning was not a safe secure place. I remember always being afraid from a very young age. I was a latch -key kid who would come home from school and hide under my bed until one of my sisters would come Continue Reading

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Shannon and Jon

After the first year our Step- Family started, it was already falling apart! It was not what we imagined or hoped for when we got married. Relationship Lifeline saved us! It allowed us to look at ourselves and what hurts we each we’re bringing into our marriage and started our healing from the inside. I Continue Reading

David and Cindy Meek

We have been married 23 years. We went through Relationship Lifeline in January 2015. We have always considered ourselves an influential and amazing couple. But, we had some problems that continued to resurface in our marriage. As a young boy, David experienced abuse that destroyed his self worth as a boy and his family forced him Continue Reading

Dan and Leslie

“Almost 7 years later, the Relationship Lifeline is still seen as a life-changing experience in our home! We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, with 3 grown children & 5 grandchildren. We know for a fact that we wouldn’t be having this anniversary, if we hadn’t taken the time to attend this 4 day Continue Reading

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Chris and Dawn

In July of 2009, as we packed to go to a July 4th pool party, my husband announced, “I don’t love you. I don’t think I have ever loved you.” After 13 years of marriage and three children, this was the reality we now had to deal with. What do you do when your life Continue Reading

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Jason Martin

I’m trying to decide where to start. How do you begin to tell a story about something that completely changed your life? Well, I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I was basically raised by a single mom off/on throughout my entire childhood. I am the oldest of several on both sides of the fence. Continue Reading

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David and Cathy Neilson

When we signed up for Relationship Lifeline in 2010 it was a last ditch effort before signing the divorce papers. We had no idea how profoundly that weekend was going to change our lives. When we walked through those doors we were hurt, angry, shame and doubt when we left on the fourth day we Continue Reading

Paddy k

Relationship Lifeline allowed me to find peace with my life. With the change of losing my wife. She also attended, but it was just a formality for her- she was already gone. The program allowed me to find my strength, my peace and my self worth. I’ve met friends for life and wouldn’t have changed a Continue Reading

Thor & Nicola

We attended the Relationship Lifeline during our first year of marriage when the problems we had during our pre-married years caught up with us. Bad habits and mind sets were deteriorating what was once a fun, loving partnership. If we wanted our relationship to continue, we knew something needed to change and we couldn’t do Continue Reading

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