Paul and Margaret

Margaret Aubin

In order to be involved and facilitate Relationship Lifeline, Paul and I had to experience it first. We were newly married, still in the “honeymoon” phase, but found that it took our relationship to a new, deeper level of understanding, especially with our blended family issues that had already started to surface. Being a step-parent can be challenging and Relationship Lifeline equipped us and helped us have a better understanding Continue Reading

Trent & Vicki Mitchell

Vicki and I were in one big mess when we came to Relationship Lifeline. Yes, there were some good days; but the not so good ones were much more frequent. I’d been unfaithful to my wife along with other selfish acts in our 30 plus marriage. God told her to forgive me but the bitterness and resentment continued to grip her. Our experience at Lifeline was much like it would be when Continue Reading

Mercedes Seraphim

I went to the workshop alone. My husband didn´t want to go which still hurts. What has changed is how I deal with these situations now. In the workshop I discovered my strenght and also the strenght that comes from sharing and possibly helping others with my story. I discovered that I wasn´t alone and that my situation wasn´t the most difficult to deal with. The guidance, time and pace Continue Reading

Jeff and Nancy Blaha

This August my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. 3 years ago I thought that was impossible. At that time we were separated and I was getting ready to sign the divorce papers. I had fallen out of love due to various issues in our marriage and saw no hope of things getting any better. Several people suggested Relationship Lifeline to us. I really had no desire Continue Reading

Woodrew and Carol

We went through Relationship Lifeline in July 2014 and have continued to volunteer as TA’s for the program each month. The tools you learn can be used to help any relationships you have; between your spouse, parents, kids, employer, employee, and most significantly with yourself. I would recommend this program to anyone in a leadership role as it will help you understand how to navigate through complex relationships. – Woodrew Continue Reading

David and Cindy Meek

Relationship Lifeline was a life changing experience. Our life is truly changing due to the opportunity to grow and learn more about each other and most importantly ourselves. Living above the line is a daily decision, and not always easy. One of the most important things to do is continuing to stay involved and TA!!

Lesli Fredette

My husband and I attended Relationship Lifeline in February 2014 and I can say equivocally that it prevented me from moving forward with filing for divorce. This program is life changing for individuals as well as couples. It will alter your understanding about yourself and others.

Jege & Hans Enyedi

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to attend Relationship Lifeline. We gave ourselves and each other one of the best gifts! We are more loving, compassionate and forgiving with self, each other and all the relationships in our lives. Our intentional focus to give grace in our home, families, friends and work place has changed how we value every day and everything we do with greater purpose!

Matt and Terri Spencer

We cannot express how thankful we are for this program. In 2014, it came to light that my husband, Matt was struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Our relationship was failing – we lacked a trusting and vulnerable connection and I was angry… very angry. I blamed everything on Matt! We heard of the Relationship Lifeline from my aunt and decided that this was something we needed to do. We Continue Reading

Juan & Lori Rodriguez

We have been married over 22 years, and the road had many ups and downs. As two broken people, who didn’t really know how broken they were, our forms of “communication” and “marriage” left much to be desired for both of us. A crisis with our daughter culminated in a crisis for our marriage, as we tried to deal with all of the repercussion of poor decisions, and our responses Continue Reading

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Carol Anne Barricklow

My 4 days at Relationship Lifeline were amazing. I was very impressed with the entire experience! The staff and TA’s were awesome, the whole production of organized drills and activities were unbelievable. I went away much more emotionally stable, confident, and with a lighter heart. It is something I am so grateful to have experienced and will never forget.

Sonja & Bruce Scharff

After 29 years of marriage and feeling quite comfortable with each other, our two children being married and off on their own, we ran into trouble…….BIG TROUBLE. We had become living proof that fairy tale marriages can go sideways quickly. I if you think it can’t happen to you, then you are very wrong. Within 3 months of our lives taking a huge nose dive into the darkness of sin, Continue Reading

Jon & Michele

Jon and I have been married for exactly 16 years. We met when I was just 18 years old & he was 22. We have 3 beautiful children. We are both enthusiastic, hard working people. Jon lead me to Christ but as years went by we both had a lot of resentment & distrust in the church. It took many years to realize it wasn’t God or the church necessarily Continue Reading

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Steve & Janet

When we showed up for our weekend over 2 years ago, our relationship was one of distance and apathy. Luckily we didn’t have any affairs that had come between us, but years of bad or non existent communication. When Relationship Lifeline was suggested, I thought “no way”, I am done trying, but when I learned that the weekend is a journey for yourself, I agreed to go. The tools and trainers Continue Reading

Mark & Susie Forbes

When my wife and I arrived at Relationship Lifeline we were not speaking to each other and we sat in the Registration area at opposite ends of the hall. At the close of the 1st day we were hugging and by the end of the weekend our marriage was restored. I was able to release my hurt and resentments, and see a whole new way of life for the very first Continue Reading

Tammy Becker

Relationship Lifeline literally saved my marriage and helped me gain control of my story so I could re-focus my energy in the right direction. Before this program, I was scattered and broken and ready to walk out on the one person in my life who is always there for me. After going through the program, I was able to more clearly see the road ahead and realize I already had what Continue Reading

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Julian & Erika White

Relationship Lifeline saved our Marriage! There is no doubt that this program saved our marriage. We were in crisis mode and the lessons we learned about ourselves through this course made us stronger individually, which then in turn gave us compassion and understanding for each other. Had we not attended we would have never been able to understand rupture and repair in a marriage as well as the realization of who Continue Reading

Lisa and Greg

We are celebrating 25 years this July and I never thought this would happen 8 years ago! Tina and Ron’s fantastic marriage program made us the best we could ever hope to be… We focus on Living a Above the Line and it works…this is the best program and we tell people they should attend all the time. Our broken and separated marriage was forever changed. All couple need to experience Continue Reading

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Relationship Lifeline Graduate

My husband and I came to the program at the strong suggestion of a friend who knew the troubles we were having. I was pretty much checked out of the relationship emotionally and became indifferent to my husband. That’s not a good place to be and could have lead to an affair. We were willing to go through the Relationship Lifeline program to save our marriage and went in saving ourselves Continue Reading


Recently divorced, feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and what seemed to be an endless pain seeking every worldly distraction to numb the hurt, with every book to read and every sermon to listen to…not one offered me the fix I was seeking yet they all had the right answers… the guidance was spot on and the sermons in perfect time but I just couldn’t execute what needed to be done. It Continue Reading

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