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Tim & Jen Olson

After having the same arguments over and over, crippling trust issues, and seeing 4 different marriage counselors with no major change, 7 years of marriage and the lives of our two kids were on the brink of destruction. We were separated and Tim was living out of his truck. He only agreed to go so he could tell the divorce court judge he tried everything. Relationship Lifeline was our last hope. Continue Reading

Dan and Kathy Barachkov

About 7 yrs ago, Kathy and I decided we wanted a better marriage and actively pursued it. We met Ron and Tina Konkin at a marriage seminar at our church and it was there that Ron said we needed to go to Relationship Lifeline. I was miserably stuck, not able to connect with my feelings and Kathy was tired of being invisible whenever we were in a group setting. While Continue Reading

Randy and Teresa Adams

My husband and I were at the end of our marriage. The grinds of a blended family laid heavy on our relationship. We had tried counseling and various other means of communication and reconciliation. Out of the blue he told me he signed us up for an intense four day retreat. I told him he was out of his mind and there was no way I was going to spend Continue Reading

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Bob and Shawna Bradford

We really look at Relationship Lifeline as a divine intervention for our marriage. I was heartbroken and desperate for something…anything… to change the course of our marriage from the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows that it had been for as long as I could remember. We had started out so happy but somehow we had lost our joy in the disappointments and resentments of everyday life. We were living Continue Reading

Paul and Laura

It was an ex business partner that recommended I go. To say it was life changing would be under selling it. I actually started seminars in my part of the country because of the impact on me and my friends. I’ve seen dozens of my friends and their lives changed as well! One thing I remember learning was the fear in which I parented. I had pretty great parents, who Continue Reading

Tara S

I attended the program twice….not because they don’t know what they are doing, but because it was that good. I went the first time alone (I was married at the time), and the second time exactly a year later with my husband. They were both very different experiences and I took away something different each time. I would recommend any individual to go, who wants to be a better you. You Continue Reading

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My husband and I were headed for divorce. We had a one year old son. Bitterness and resentment were destroying our marriage. Relationship Lifeline was our last effort. It was tough. The program helped me to look at myself instead of directing everything towards my husband. My own issues with abandonment, resentment, and forgiveness, name a few. We decided to not give up and work it out as a family. We Continue Reading

John Tait and Ruth Street

I did not show up to Relationship Lifeline to heal our relationship. I came to heal myself. However what I found at the program was hope. Hope for healing within myself. Hope of healing a relationship that I had deemed unfixable prior to coming to Relationship Lifeline. Hope for our children, all blended within our home and hope for a future in which I was no longer sure was planned for my Continue Reading

Michael and Beth Gordon

A few years ago our life had taken a turn… I knew our marriage was in trouble, I just didn’t realize how far we have traveled apart .. I thought an alien from another planet had kidnapped my husband. I was desperate to find him and recover our marriage and our family. I reached out to people- workshops were not ” new” to us, we had been coached by many Continue Reading

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Angie Taylor

This weekend experience, illustrated for me how real life is played out. We each play a role, and sometimes our role can be harmful to the ones we love. After being confronted with some of my behaviors (during the weekend) that were hindering me as a person – in a word picture, it’s important to “keep my side of the street” clean. Marriage is NOT for sissy’s! In fact no Continue Reading

Dan & Lani

“Attending Relationship Lifeline in 2011 was the best decision we ever could have made…it completely changed both of our lives and saved our marriage. We have had an amazing few years and are so thankful to the Konkins for investing their time to help us. We built a beautiful new house, went on a second honeymoon and adopted our first child. None of this would have ever happened without Relationship Continue Reading

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Dennis & Lili

How do we even begin to thank Ron and Tina and the staff for this amazing program? The Relationship Lifeine was recommended to us through a friend that had seen it on Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Dr. Phil. We had no idea what to expect, considering we do not watch a lot of television and had not really seen either show. We, after almost 24 years of marriage, were broken. Continue Reading

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Paul Scarborough "renewed" with Julie Scarborough

In the end of 2012 I was frustrated, turned to my wife and said “Let’s just get a divorce”. She agreed. We had 2 year old and 3 year old girls and two teenage girls at home. After lawyer meetings and finalizing our divorce paperwork it was time to sign. That is when God spoke into my heart and I reached out to my wife Julie who said she was Continue Reading

Erin and Dan

Before Dave and I attended the Relationship Lifeline we had been through an ugly divorce. During our marriage there was a lot of infedelity on both sides and treating each other with little or no respect. Going thru the divorce we both hit an all time low. I was depressed and couldn’t sleep. I felt worse than I ever had in my life. I didn’t want to do anything. Didn’t Continue Reading

robert and melissa gutierrez

Rob & Melissa Gutierrez

We are a blended family that struggled seeing eye to eye on parenting, money and communication. After several bouts of counseling, off and on with our pastors and professional counselors, our marriage seemed hopeless. We were both exhausted from fighting, and not speaking. The day before our 8th anniversary in 2013 we separated for the 2nd and last time in our marriage. During the next 2 months everything just got Continue Reading

Michael and Beth Gordon

A few years ago our life had taken a turn… I knew our marriage was in trouble, I just didn’t realize how far we have traveled apart .. I thought an alien from another planet had kidnapped my husband. I was desperate to find him and recover our marriage and our family. I reached out to people- workshops were not ” new” to us, we had been coached by many Continue Reading

Kenneth McLennan

I knew something was preventing people from getting close, in fact I was snapping at those closest, making them feel uncomfortable to be around me. I felt like a pot at the boiling point all the time, and like a pot full of boiling water the steam would build up under the lid and suddenly explode, scalding anyone nearby.  A very good friend heard about LifeLine and suggested that I Continue Reading


When my husband and I came to Relationship Lifeline, we were both looking for a way to renew our relationship so that we could really enjoy each other in this phase of our life as empty nesters. Although we were always very much in love throughout several years of marriage, we had built up some resentment, held on to old hurts and didn’t always fight fair. I call all of this Continue Reading

Denise Santangelo and Thomas Smith

We have been married for 13 ½ years. Within the first few months of marriage we wondered if we had just made the biggest mistakes of our lives! I had children, he didn’t. He was an only child, raised by a single mother, abandoned by his father at age 4. I was the oldest of 4 children, sexually abused by my father, divorced for two years. He had 20 years Continue Reading

Warren and Shelley

My husband and I came to Relationship Lifeline so we could tell our kids that we tried EVERYTHING before we said forget it and got a divorce. We had a little breastfed baby and a toddler to get childcare for. We had to make travel plans to get to Los Angeles from Canada. It seemed impossible to get there. But we did it and it changed our lives. The intense Continue Reading