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Relationship Lifeline saved my marriage…..even after I had filed for divorce and thought there was no hope. Thank you Lifeline! -Alyssa

Vince Schembri

Growing up had been challenging for me as I never had a relationship with my father. What made it difficult with my dad was the following: – He wasn’t present at the hospital when I was born – We moved as a family to Brazil and we left in 2 years time without my dad. – We next lived in Sicily, Italy with his parents, my grandparents, for 4 years Continue Reading



I had done a lot of in-depth discovery of myself before I attended this Relationship Lifeline Intensive. I struggled with major depression, loss of self, and no purpose. I didn’t really know what I liked in most areas of my life. I wanted to make decisions in a healthy emotional state – I truly believe I did do that; yet I still struggled with not knowing why I reacted the Continue Reading


We were aware of Relationship Lifeline thru friends. And warmly supported the idea of a place couples could go as a “last ditch effort.” But it wasn’t for us. Not until our marriage went from what I thought were calm blue skies to crash and burn carnage. For 20+ years, we considered ourselves an affair proof model marriage. We each married our best friend, deeply involved in ministry together, and Continue Reading

Nancy & Jeff

“At that time we were separated and I was getting ready to sign the divorce papers.  I had fallen out of love due to various issues in our marriage and I saw no hope of things getting any better. Through various exercises I was able to forgive my husband. I look at him now with a deeper love and respect and we look forward to every day we get to Continue Reading

David & Shannon Beador - Real Housewives of Orange County

“Life-changing is the best phrase to describe our experience with Tina Konkin and her staff. At first it was unclear whether our marriage would even survive. And today, our marriage is healthier and happier than either of us thought possible. Tina is definitely a blessing from above!”

Billy Baldwin & Chynna Phillips - Actor & Singer

“We were slightly incredulous at first but (their) process peeled away the layers (and years) of resentment, bad habits, complacency, and miscommunication and replaced that with renewed passion, respect, gratitude and understanding. We were stunned. We highly recommend it for any couple that is in crisis, wants to break the chains of complacency or wants to explore the possibilities of taking their relationship to the heights only previously dreamed possible.”

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