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By June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

I knew something was preventing people from getting close, in fact I was snapping at those closest, making them feel uncomfortable to be around me.

I felt like a pot at the boiling point all the time, and like a pot full of boiling water the steam would build up under the lid and suddenly explode, scalding anyone nearby.  A very good friend heard about LifeLine and suggested that I look in to it. I knew I needed help and I had nothing to lose so I put up the money and registered for a weekend retreat.  The process was / is amazing!

At the end of the weekend the temperature in the ‘pot’ had dropped, the pressure was gone, and instead of scalding the people I loved most I was able to open up to them again.
The process changed my life, permanently. That was over ten years ago and I am still benefiting from my investment…in time.
I gave 100% and in return I got 100%.
A few years later I met a wonderful woman who I fell in love with and wanted to marry. I only had one request of her before we made a commitment: go through the program.
She did and together we have made a wonderful life. Truly.


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