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The Beginning of Healing

By June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015

We reached a point of such brokenness, caused by years of unresolved conflict. Separated, hurt, discouraged, without hope or direction. The pain affected us and our two children.

Mariners Church urged us to go to Relationship Lifeline. We learned things about ourselves that continued to unfold in the months following the program. Blind spots were brought into the open for us to see how they were damaging our relationships. True forgiveness was extended within our family of four.
We were even coached back together, ending our separation.

A few weeks later, on Christmas Day, one of our daughters told us it was the best Christmas ever! It truly was!  Since then, we’ve continued to volunteer at Relationship Lifeline, which keeps us in a community with others who really care about us, and we “Get To” be reminded of what really matters. Our daughters have gone through the intensive program too. We’ve recommended Relationship Lifeline to many couples and singles who are ready to get rid of the baggage that is keeping them from the life they want to live.

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