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The Beginning of My Life Changing Self-Awareness Journey

By June 11, 2015
June 11, 2015

I first attended Relationship Lifeline January 2009. Hesitantly stepping into it I had absolutely no idea of what to expect nor knew anyone at the time that had been through prior. I honestly didn’t want to go and the founder Ron Konkin talked me into it. Those 4 days were the beginning of not only discovering who I really am internally, but also where my belief system on how and why I did life the way I did originally stemmed from. It gave me clarity for the first time of what a healthy soul looks like through the process of forgiveness as well as a new found compassion for people that unfortunately I had been lacking.

I was able to discover things about myself that I had blocked out, denied, and or was completely oblivious to, as well realized how carrying all of that was affecting relationships negatively in my life. The entire process and what came out of it for me was truly fascinating and life changing. So life changing that I have continued my journey alongside the staff as a TA and thrive off of the monthly miracle stories I witness. The countless marriages I have seen restored as well as the insurmountable gain individuals walk out with is priceless for not only for their current and future relationships but even for work and business as well. I am so thankful something like this exists and can’t express enough how life changing it is regardless of your current situation.