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Bring it on!

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

Simply put, this Relationship Lifeline is a life changer. I went into the program as a last try, a Hail Mary of sorts following my wife’s decision to end our marriage. Emotionally I was angry, desperate and full of resentment that our relationship had come to this tipping point. I wanted this thing to fix my wife! Unfortunately my wife left after the first day, the process was overwhelming. I returned to the class, eyes fixed on the ground, angry and embarrassed. I will never forget that moment nor the countless others that followed.

With the support of Ron and Tina and the other couples I remained and faced the weekend head on. I was ready and open-minded. I would jump in with both feet. And I’m glad I did! My life has been changed because of it. Through the extremely effective exercises I came to realize just how deeply and profoundly my life had been steered by my past experiences- both good and ‘bad.’ Instead of running from this realization, the program and the other couples gave me immeasurable strength, safety and support to change my story. Many weeks have gone by and I am standing my decision- that’s what it is – to be a better man, a better friend, a better father. If given another chance I will live my decision by being a better partner.

With the assistance and guidance of very effective Lifeline Coaching (which is critical) I continue my transformation. I would find it very difficult if not impossible to continue on my own. Make no mistake, this journey is difficult, each day presenting challenges. Also rest assured that it is the most worthwhile journey you will ever take. I am staying on the path and I thank the program and the Coaching for the opportunity to show me the way.