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A Broken Marriage Reunited

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

My husband and I attended Relationship Lifeline at a pivotal time in our marriage. My husband had just confessed to having an affair and I thought things were hopeless. But this program saved our marriage! Not only did we address the issue at hand, but through the many different and impactful exercises of the program, we were able to look deeper into ourselves and see what we needed to improve upon individually.

Life is all about choices and we are not promised tomorrow.

We chose to forgive each other and “Live above the Line” in love, grace, and compassion. Thanks to this incredible and influential program, our family remains whole and committed. After graduating from the program, my husband and I have continued our journey by faithfully seeing a councilor and have had the opportunity to return to the intensive program and assist others in their times of need. It has been a blessing for us to help others through their trials and see transformations in their relationships while also rewarding for us to be held accountable and be reminded of how far we’ve come in our own journey. We are incredibly grateful to Tina Konkin and her wonderful team at Relationship Lifeline!