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By June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015

Jon and I have been married for exactly 16 years. We met when I was just 18 years old & he was 22. We have 3 beautiful children. We are both enthusiastic, hard working people. Jon lead me to Christ but as years went by we both had a lot of resentment & distrust in the church. It took many years to realize it wasn’t God or the church necessarily it was people (or family members) within the church that let us down.

Our faith is daily becoming restored as we draw closer to God & our new church. Our marriage had become like a buisness and we often feel like roommates. We also fell into a trap with unauthentic friendships & focused on the hardships with close family members. This started to kill our spirit & make us both often very insecure. Old feelings we felt as children became to surface but we couldn’t get control of these feelings. I think it’s safe to say be both felt very alone, but still in love.

It was a breaking point for both of us just before we attended, we knew we had to do something & not let another week, month or year go by… so we bit the bullet and went to the intensive program. It was a process for both of us both. Jon wondered how 4 days was going to make things better….I thought because it wasn’t a “marriage class” ….would this help me or only Jon. I didn’t think I had much to work on! Well was I wrong!! Throughout the process of 4 days there was still doubt I needed to be there. And after realizing it wasn’t all Jon and I had to change me, not him….only he has control of that. It started to feel so good to forgive my past & present and I fell deeply in love with Jon like I did 20 years ago. I have so much compassion for him and learned I need to soften my heart.

Post Relationship Lifeline it is still a process but I must take control of my actions & take one day at a time. I am a strong willed person, and remain strong & determined but realize more than ever it’s important to listen, forgive, and speak the way I want to be spoken to. Put down the phone or close the lap top…be present or I will live a life full of regrets & not memories! Our children will be better people in this world and that can only happen if we lead through example. Relationship Lifeline is a must for us all….I would recommend this to everyone I know!