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To The Depths!

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

Abandonment, abuse, divorce, and devastation had robbed me of the Joy of life, and the willingness to be open to love – and had left me treading water in a storm-ridden seas of chaos.

I went to program because I was so lost, and had no idea what the next step should be. I wanted to heal from an ugly past, and find hope in a future. The program I went through was called “Bridges” at the time – and the name couldn’t have been more perfect for me. I felt so stuck in the middle of the past, but felt lost without the tools to forge ahead.
It was a catalyst for change for me – the chance to take a good look at the tough stuff in life – the junk I allowed myself to live in, and find forgiveness for those who had a played a part in my wounding. Although weak at the time, my weekend renewed the fighter in me – and challenged me to come back to who God had created me to be. Because of the freedom I found through seminar, I fell in love with diving into the depths once again – and now continue the work by helping others confront the past, and learn some great tools to help heal from it to find the freedom they seek.
I can no longer swim in the shallow end – it will never be enough for me! As often as I can, I take part in TAing/Coaching seminar, it’s tough – it’s work – but it’s SO worth it!
I know our name or verbiage may not be the same – but the results are.
Regardless of what the Seminar name goes by – I am one grateful Student/TA/Coach – now ten years later – still diving to the depths!