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Different Perspective – Compassion

By June 15, 2015
June 15, 2015

I had done a lot of in-depth discovery of myself before I attended this Relationship Lifeline Intensive. I struggled with major depression, loss of self, and no purpose. I didn’t really know what I liked in most areas of my life. I wanted to make decisions in a healthy emotional state – I truly believe I did do that; yet I still struggled with not knowing why I reacted the way I do. I constantly asked myself “Why do things bother me when they shouldn’t?”

Through the weekend I was given opportunities and resources to go back to childhood to really begin to connect the dots. Seeing a different perspective on the past opens up lines of communication that weren’t available before. I believe knowing is the first step to life growth. I was able to give myself a gift by attending this weekend to continue to work on my own growth to be a healthy individual to leave a different legacy for my kids than what I was doing – you can’t give to someone what you don’t have yourself. As I learned from a dear friend of mine “I am whole and complete, I am not broken and don’t need to be fixed; however – the things I DO I am 100% responsible for.”

As I volunteer as a TA, I continue to grow and give back to others struggling when Life gets in the way.