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Forgiven, Revived, Renewed…Better than ever!

By June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015

We have been married over 22 years, and the road had many ups and downs. As two broken people, who didn’t really know how broken they were, our forms of “communication” and “marriage” left much to be desired for both of us. A crisis with our daughter culminated in a crisis for our marriage, as we tried to deal with all of the repercussion of poor decisions, and our responses to them, which included Lori moving out of the home for a while. No matter how much we wanted to, we could not resolve our different approaches and reactions to stressful life issues alone. We needed help, and quickly. When we first heard of Relationship Lifeline, it was really our last hope for resolution and restoration within our marriage.

We had no idea just how much it would do that! God worked a miracle thru the program, and the facilitators. We cried, a lot, and then we laughed. We learned better communication skills, and to recognize and drop the baggage we brought into our marriage. We are choosing to live #AboveTheLine as it goes. While it’s not always easy, we know that it’s worth the effort. Our marriage is the best it has ever been, as we choose to see the best in each other and we choose to love. Completely and freely. This is a program for couples, and individuals, to work on themselves too. “Healthy people have healthy relationships” is the mantra, and it is so true. Thank you, and God bless those who work so hard helping people get healthy, His hand is upon all who serve there.

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