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From victim to victorious

By June 13, 2015
June 13, 2015

Having been raised by a single abusive alcoholic mother of three, life from the beginning was not a safe secure place. I remember always being afraid from a very young age. I was a latch -key kid who would come home from school and hide under my bed until one of my sisters would come home. When my mother would scream and yell I would go hide under my bed, I always lived in fear. Growing up in this environment created the perfect circumstances for me to become the ultimate volunteer victim for future relationships.

Relationship Lifeline was able to open my eyes to explain why I made the choices I made and how to break free from future toxic thought patterns, behaviors and choices that made me unhealthy emotionally and physically. As a result of the teaching from the incredible team of Tina, Margaret, Rockie and Rob, I have been able to overcome my fears and live above the line, which is where emotionally healthy people live.
The four day experience brought my marriage back together as my husband and I had separated.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have gone through the programĀ as it truly explains why humans live and act the way they do and gives hope and help to change your thoughts and behaviors!!! Every person can benefit from this program. Wishing you freedom, truth and hope.