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God’s plan to save our marriage.

By June 13, 2015
June 13, 2015

I had been suffering from depression for a long time. I had had a work injury in 2006 pregnant right after, was put on tons of medication my emotions were completely off balance. My husband and I separated because I needed help he was working all the time and when I went to his mother she told me I needed to be a stronger woman and rely on God more. I thought I was by going to her and asking for help. August of 2011 I was off all of my medication my husband and I had been working on our marriage. We were able to go to a couples night with Cary Palmer and her husband Ron. It was completely God who got us to that point. As they were doing their comedy show they got down and raw with their struggles and talked about Relationship Lifeline and Ron and Tina Konkin. God spoke to me and I knew we needed to go we went in March of 2012. It was an amazing journey I was the first one to share and I let everything out because I had nothing to hide my husband was there for me for support he realize soon after that he also needed the help.

We believe without a shadow of a doubt that Relationship Lifeline gave us the tools to handle what we’re going through now. In June of 2012 my mother in law filed for temporary guardianship of our two youngest children. We have fallen through the cracks and have been going through trials and tribulations ever since.

Without this program we would not still be married. Coworkers with my husband can see a change in him how he handles things, how he reacts. We still have a long way to go but without the program, I don’t know where I personally would be. I know how much I’m struggling now there’s no way I would be able to handle it were going through without the tools that God gave Ron and Tina to give to other people.

I have been able to go back and TA see the transformation the healing the forgiving and just the love that comes from the process. Is it hard yes will it hurt yes will you wanna walk away probably is it worth pushing forward? Absolutely!
I’m without a shadow of a doubt believe that this is a god story and that he led my husband and I to go through this journey. so when you are down and out this is the place to be my advice is not to give up give it everything you have you cannot just put your toes in the water you have to jump in stay above the line love like theres no tomorrow and find the wonderfulness in life God bless.

-Joey & Joanell