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Happily Ever After

By June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

We really look at Relationship Lifeline as a divine intervention for our marriage. I was heartbroken and desperate for something…anything… to change the course of our marriage from the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows that it had been for as long as I could remember. We had started out so happy but somehow we had lost our joy in the disappointments and resentments of everyday life. We were living in a constant state of “crisis management” as a result of selfish attitudes, lots of baggage that we had picked up throughout the course of our lives and just not knowing what we needed to do to heal and live the story book life we dreamed of when we fell in love.

The two key things that we took away from our experiences with Relationship Lifeline were 1) We learned how to unpack our baggage and sort through what was ours and what had been handed to us because they gave us the tools to really look at the choices that we were making and challenged us to look beyond the pain and see the true essence of the person we had fallen in love with and 2) They taught us that we could take our pain and make it a gift to help others to see that just because you go through hard times doesn’t mean that you can’t heal and change your story. We are so grateful for Tina and the entire team at Relationship Lifeline for giving our family the chance to live happily ever after. Best decision we ever made…hands down. Its now five years later and we are happier than ever!