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How Can We Thank You

By June 13, 2015
June 13, 2015

Sometimes thank you does just not seem like enough…
Just a few short years into our “fairytale” marriage, it was crumbling around us. We had been in counseling for months and we would leave those sessions each week feeling more defeated than the last. When we hit rock bottom…I did not know what to do; I did not want a divorce, I wanted our marriage back, but I had no idea how to get there. The Relationship Lifeline was a last resort for us. For all the men out there, I think that it is important to say that my husband was not excited about attending this program. It was an ultimatum from me for him to attend. He would now say that it was the most important weekend of our marriage. The team at Relationship Lifeline knows that most couples are there under very tense circumstances. There is no fluff to the program, no false pretenses – they genuinely care about helping you and your marriage. That weekend shook us to the core and got to the root of the true issues in our marriage. We left that weekend different people, taking responsibility for the ways we both contributed to the mess we had found ourselves in, leaving the anger and blame behind.
We are now almost 5 years out from attending the program and I never imagined our marriage could be this great. By no means is it perfect and we continue to work on it daily, but the things we learned that one weekend have forever changed our life and our marriage. If you choose to (and I would strongly recommend it) you can work with one of the Lifeline coaches to build on what you learned from the weekend. That has been an extra blessing. It is so nice to work with someone that was there that weekend and knows our story along with all of our baggage.

Furthermore, accountability is so important when you are truly trying to change and grow. It is always nice to have an unbiased third party to hold us accountable in our marriage. We are forever grateful to the team at Relationship Lifeline ! How can you ever say THANK YOU enough for a saved marriage!!
-H & B