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The hurt and need of forgiveness from another attendee to her Father, has forever changed mine and that of my families lives forever!

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

I continue to work on being the husband and father that God calls for me to be…
One of the most impactfull moments for me was during the segment where we shared our need to forgive a specific person…it was shared from a young lady that needed to forgive her father for ignoring a very suspicious mole on his back.
Subsequently dying while she was In high school.
“forgive” him? Because of his actions or lack there of it started an increditable chain of events for this young lady.

She was forced to stop playing softball (scholarship player) and become a mom to her younger siblings. Her Mom completely shut down after his death and was left to run the household. That story had me come home and take control of what I had the ability to change. Since our experience at Relationship LifelineĀ I have lost 55 pounds and am working on being the healthiest I have been in many years. Still working on Loving my Wife the way “She” needs to loved and learning daily her love language…

The point is that every breakout session and every odd demand made at the Intensive impacted me. NO SUGAR are you kidding me! Well, I took that home also and stopped drinking soda! Have slowly reintroduced into my routine but in a very minimal way. I have identified some toxic thinking and continue to work on dealing with past issues…
Go all in and be open to changing who you have become and prayerfully fix it!