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I’m a Real Woman!!!!….with a story…..

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

Only a few events in a life have an impact on us that are felt everyday!!! I can say Lifeline, and Ron and Tina Konkin have affected my life. I went to Lifeline under pressure , absolutely thinking I had nothing to fix. Reflecting back , all I can say is “Yikes”!! I found out I was broken in more ways than I want to mention, I needed to break down walls, address hurts, forgive many, airate my soul , in order to really live, or as I like to put it sparkle. It was 4 days I treasure in the archives of my heart, I cried, I debated with my heart, I searched my inner most feelings, and forgave, forgave many, and then I danced, and last but not least I was cradled and loved on!!!! I left empowered, refreshed and eager to live my life in victory.

I also attended the Lifeline purpose seminars, boy that was hard work, I had defined myself as …. A Real Woman, now I had to had words to my purpose. Now years later I so now the importance of defining ones purpose. Many go thru life aimlessly , just existing, not feeling significant. We were are uniquely and beautifully created to live our Purpose!!

I will forever be grateful for Tina and Ron ‘s contribution to helping me define my purpose. I often tell total strangers that I am a Real Woman who makes a difference to all I interact with and empower them to do the same…..(that is my Purpose and my Power)

I also had the pleasure being a TA for Ron and Tina , just experiencing the transformation of broken people , who needed a Lifeline thrown out to them, assisting them with their healing process, and with my own eyes seeing the changes on their faces after only a few days was incredible .
Lifeline has changed me , I live my life freely and joyously, the lessons learned have empowered me to pass them on to many, I have mentored and coached many, inspiring and motivating them to be , their Best and most importantly living their Purpose.
The events of my life that were taking me down or stopping from really living , are now tapes on a shelf, labelled, and stored. I can look up to the shelf, know that they did happen but will never take them down and replay them. Lifeline showed me the way, and I can truly say , empowered me to live victoriously inspiring others to do the same.
With a Grateful Heart , I say Thank you , Ron and Tina, for throwing me the Lifeline!!!!