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Life goes on … and so do we.

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

When we believed all was already lost, Relationship Lifeline was a last ditch effort to preserve a two-parent household for our son. Ron and Tina gave us hope and taught us ways to communicate when we believed there wasn’t anything left to be said. We almost didn’t even make it to the seminar, but Ron and Tina took it upon themselves to talk to us before, during, and after our arrival at the hotel. The instructors took the burden off of us and put it upon themselves to help us reach a new place. Barriers were broken, hurt was revealed, tools were learned, and we are still married.

We’re not perfect, but almost a decade later, we’re still using our new tools. We now have two children and together, we live in a much healthier, happier home. If you are even considering Relationship Lifeline, just do it. It certainly can’t hurt. It’s cheaper than divorce. It’s worth it – every penny and every second of your time.