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Living Above The Line

By June 11, 2015
June 11, 2015

When we signed up for Relationship Lifeline in 2010 it was a last ditch effort before signing the divorce papers. We had no idea how profoundly that weekend was going to change our lives. When we walked through those doors we were hurt, angry, shame and doubt when we left on the fourth day we were open, honest and willing to look at not only our marriage but ourselves and take responsibility for our choices our actions and what happens in our lives.

We learned what it means to live above the line, why it is so important to forgive and who that is really for, how to communicate with each other and really listen to the another person sitting across from you. Understanding how each of our stories impacts who we are today and how we put limits on ourselves and expectations on others because of our stories. With patience, love, and compassion we began to work through some major issues not just in our marriage but personally. We learned that it is not about the marriage but what you bring into it as a person, we worked on ourselves so we could have a better more loving intimate marriage. I am happy to say that five years later we are still together more in love, more understanding, and more patient with each other. We use the tools daily that Ron and Tina Konkin taught us in the lifeline program. We have recommended this program to many couples who are still together today.
Forever grateful and always Living Above The Line.

-David & Kathy