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Living Life on Life’s Terms

By June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

This weekend experience, illustrated for me how real life is played out. We each play a role, and sometimes our role can be harmful to the ones we love. After being confronted with some of my behaviors (during the weekend) that were hindering me as a person – in a word picture, it’s important to “keep my side of the street” clean. Marriage is NOT for sissy’s! In fact no marriage is perfect, however as I learn to stay above the line, and work on my part, I am a much more joyful wife, mother and friend.

My eyes were opened much more AFTER the weekend experience. That may seem odd but I’m a slow learner. After the weekend experience, I was able to reflect and see myself more clearly. I find other issues have fallen into place, as I have learned to detach from other people’s issues, and live life on life’s terms, life isn’t so black and white, there are other shades, colors and hues that make living more FUN! I would rate the weekend a “5” as it gave me and my husband an opportunity to collaborate as a team. Even as “Rule Breakers” it was so cool to see us work together, EVEN if the world disagreed with our position!
Thank you for the experience.

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