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Living with A New Relationship

By June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015

After nine years of marriage things were definitely a struggle in our relationship and neither one us were truly happy. Two strong willed people under one roof does not make for an easy marriage. My wife wanted more love from me and I just wanted peace and contentment. After several counselors and marriage retreats we were still in the same rut living selfishly.

Reluctantly I came to Relationship LifelineĀ and soon realized it would be the hardest emotional exercise I would ever undertake. After four days of very hard work and many tears that had never been shed the rewards were amazing. I now do life differently with warmth and compassion for my wife and others. I can now truly connect with her and have the relationship I had always hoped for. Yes I have to tend our garden of friendship and love daily with purpose and thoughtfulness to reap a full harvest but its worth it! We are willing to do whatever it takes to build a healthy marriage and continue growing and learning relationship tools.

Many aspects of our life together now have improved because we truly love each other. We give each other grace and forgiveness and we understand the pain from our past. We recognize God has brought us together to bless our lives! Now, more than two years after the program, we continue to enrich our marriage and get to interact with other healthy couples who have saved their marriages. We live life to the fullest not holding back giving affirmation, affection, service to one another, praying together, living with true purpose, guiding others to live with forgiveness and grace. This experience saved my marriage, my life, made me a loving man who lives life boldly and serves others with compassion and love. I will be forever grateful to Ron and Tina for causing this growth in our marriage. Thank you is simply not enough!