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Mirror Mirror, what do you see?

By June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

My husband and I were headed for divorce. We had a one year old son.
Bitterness and resentment were destroying our marriage. Relationship Lifeline was our last effort.

It was tough. The program helped me to look at myself instead of directing everything towards my husband. My own issues with abandonment,
resentment, and forgiveness, name a few.
We decided to not give up and work it out as a family. We got pregnant with our second son just after we attended the program. We are far from perfect as a couple, always tryng to improve our relationship. It’s constantly growing and needs to be nurtured and fed. We get this as TAs. TAs are blessed to be a blessing to others couples in crisis.

I am grateful for Ron & Tina, Margaret, Rob & Roxanne, TAs and the crew at Relationship Lifeline. Your sincere caring about us as a couple, and exercises we did i made a huge impact on saving our marriage. Thank you!