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By June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015

We came to Relationship Lifeline from the suggestion of loving counselors that knew we needed serious intensive intervention. Our marriage wasn’t working and we had gotten in a terrible deep rut and nothing we did improved it. Not other counselors, marriage retreats, date nights, or seminars. We were constantly pointing fingers at each other thinking the other person was to blame. Through this program, we learned to take ownership for our part and started living a life of compassion, understanding, grace, forgiveness, and true love not holding back and doing whatever it takes willing to give completely and fully. I even sang in front of 100 people to my wife at our anniversary party John Englands’ “All of Me”. Now that takes guts but what an amazing memory we now have because I learned to live life boldly and intentionally not holding back my love for my wife.

Today we are living the life God intended for a married couple and we realize that we are a gift to each other from God. I couldn’t imagine living with out my wife and thank God daily for her. We have learned to live daily giving affirmation, affection, compassion, grace, forgiveness, service, prayer and a truer sense of deep love to each other. Kissing is off the charts and I cant talk about the other stuff. LOL but its all worth it! Relationship Lifeline┬ásaved my marriage, my life, made me a man living life boldly and intentionally with compassion and warmth with peace in my heart. I love my wife and couldn’t imagine living without her. I thank Ron and Tina for changing my life for the better and will always live with gratitude in my heart for them!