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Parenting without fear

By June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

It was an ex business partner that recommended I go. To say it was life changing would be under selling it. I actually started seminars in my part of the country because of the impact on me and my friends. I’ve seen dozens of my friends and their lives changed as well!

One thing I remember learning was the fear in which I parented. I had pretty great parents, who served people more than they did. I remember thinking I wasn’t probably able to be better servants than they were. However all their children turned away from them and their beliefs and broke their hearts! How could I parent better and not have the same results. I had no idea…

After attending Lifeline, I had my answer! I now have 3 teenagers and a 10 yr old and have lovely relationships with them. 🙂 oh ya, what I discovered was…actually, I won’t wreck it for you. I highly recommend you go and discover life changing answers for yourself!