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Who are you really?

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

Kenny and I met, we both had a lot in common. He was a World Champion cyclist, I was a sports nutritionist and personal trainer. We enjoyed travel, sports and had the perfect relationship going into marriage, we thought…..

As we started to really get to know eachother, the past started to show its creepy little head. I was becoming very critical and disrespectful while Kenny was becoming more withholding and withdrawn. During our first year of marriage, Kenny’s best friend stole from him and that caused him to go into a financial crisis and legal battles that lasted years. I was at his side wanting and yearning for a connection (because we were a team I thought), but he withheld from me because no one was going to hurt him ever again and he wasn’t about to let me in. This frustrated me, I started name calling and disrespecting this man, who I hoped was going to be my everything. He was married, but only going to get as close as he felt comfortable. He didn’t trust me, and that broke my heart.

Well things hit rock bottom in 2012, Kenny just wanted out, he was tired of me criticizing him and he was already feeling like a loser after being taken by a con-man. In Sept 2012 he had a heart attack too, which was caused by stress. He had no physical red flags, he was in tip top shape. We filed divorce papers in dec 2012, I was heart broken that he didn’t want to salvage our marriage. One day in January 2013, I prayed for a miracle, and I was not a good Christian by any means. Low and behold, I started chatting with a guy from my gym that starting asking me about Kenny and me. I told him we were separated and that he won’t seek help. This man, asked me if I had heard about the Relationship LifelineĀ , I hadn’t. I looked it up on line and knew it was an answer.

I asked Kenny to read about it, he did and he agreed to go. In February 2013 our lives changed forever, we went through the programĀ and rewrote our whole script. We understand eachothers backgrounds and respect our individual value systems so much more now. 3 years of therapy in one weekend! Amazing journey, amazing people, and amazing help from God! Thank You!