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By June 13, 2015
June 13, 2015

A 20 year marriage that evolved into nothing more than room mates. An affair that came out of that loneliness and lack of communication. A job in ministry that left the husband feeling worthless and unloved except in the arms of another. A unity of two becoming one that turned into two separate lives again.

Relationship Lifeline was the last step that was supposed to prepare these two people to have better relationships with new partners and to bring closure to a failed marriage. Fortunately, what was experienced at our weekend brought forgiveness and restoration.

Ron and Tina gave us the tools we needed to fix what was broken. To actually have conversations again and look to a future, together. We learned forgiveness and how to actually “Hear” each other. We learned that we didn’t have to live in the past and that the experiences we had made is stronger once we actually dealt with them rather than running from them or stuffing them deep inside. Instead of ending a 20 year union, we found restoration and renewal. We are almost at our 25th anniversary and as much in love as when we first got married. We could joy have done it without the tools and challenges given to us by the staff and Ron & Tina.

Jeff & Caren