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Renewed and Remarried!

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

I really want people to know that we could not have done this without the Relationship Lifeline Intensive Program… in 4 days, you healed years of hurt and God took care of the rest… it was not easy, but we are proof that it works… if you remember the first day that we were there, there was so much anger, unforgiveness and baggage,. I really did not think you could do anything… do you remember me saying that I truly wanted to hurt him and make him feel the pain… thats how angry I was and I meant it… I wish the world could know that there is help out there… we are proof… I am not the person I was then, full of anger and unforgiveness… its so good to be free… and I thank all of you for that…I tried to share my picture with the marriage help center and write a small note , but it wouldnt come up when i tried….please send so much love to everyone.