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Review and Renew

By June 6, 2015
June 6, 2015

I went to the workshop alone. My husband didn´t want to go which still hurts. What has changed is how I deal with these situations now. In the workshop I discovered my strenght and also the strenght that comes from sharing and possibly helping others with my story. I discovered that I wasn´t alone and that my situation wasn´t the most difficult to deal with. The guidance, time and pace of the workshop helped me renew my commitment to myself above anyone else, and to my family. Helped me see the work my husband had put into his own recovery and helped me understand acceptance. There was a lot of talk about forgiveness and I hope that one day I can fully and totally say I have forgiven….for now….I accept that what happened, happened for a reason, that I had some ownership in the place I had found myself in, and that I could only control how I feel, and what I do. I also learn to concentrate more on the present, and not ruin my future for being stuck in the past, which I had no control over. So I reviewed my life choices, my situation, my pain, my love, and I decided to renew the way I saw myself and those around me, to accept that whatever happens to us, the good and the bad, become–s the essence of who we are today and tomorrow, in the ever changing symphony of life.