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Our storm

By June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

A few years ago our life had taken a turn… I knew our marriage was in trouble, I just didn’t realize how far we have traveled apart .. I thought an alien from another planet had kidnapped my husband. I was desperate to find him and recover our marriage and our family. I reached out to people- workshops were not ” new” to us, we had been coached by many gifted people during our journey and had received life changing discoveries in the 21 years of marriage… Therapy never worked for us. We are excellent communicators and seasoned believers with many years of experience under our belt. The question was “Where do leaders go to get REAL help ? ” Then we found Relationship Lifeline through a church referral and I knew we needed to get there somehow. Everything was at stake, I could feel it. Much warfare occurred to keep us from going, but we made it. During the next few days I would come face to face with unbelievable pain, discovery, loss and all the darkness would be brought to light for me to see and I would encounter love and compassion from strangers who helped me recognize my potential and most importantly allow me to get in touch with God and the power that only He can bring in times like these. I was undone emotionally by what I discovered and everything in me had to rise up. Literally there were moments that felt like life and death to my world as I knew it. I felt as if I was standing at the edge of a deep cliff and it would take everything in me to stand. I’m grateful for Tina who caused me to stay! Our warrior princesses met and joined arms to conquer what was to come! I was blessed to met Ron her husband, he was a gentle force that allowed me to feel safe in our storm. I felt like I had know them for years and they were truly for me. I’m grateful for the courage my husband displayed and for those that rallied around us to help us win!
We are restored today, in love and filled with HOPE . I would not have made it if I left or didn’t go at all. This is a life changing ministry and my daughter gets to grow up with her mommy and daddy because we made it! Looking forward to returning in a whole new season of life so that we can pay it forward! It isn’t about what happens to us in this life, it’s about who we allow ourselves to become through it… I’m more beautiful than I have ever been and my husband is my prize and my family in fact is our reward!!
Don’t ever give up on a happily ever after…

-Michael & Beth