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By June 8, 2015
June 8, 2015

My husband and I came to the program at the strong suggestion of a friend who knew the troubles we were having. I was pretty much checked out of the relationship emotionally and became indifferent to my husband. That’s not a good place to be and could have lead to an affair. We were willing to go through the Relationship Lifeline program to save our marriage and went in saving ourselves as individuals so we could come together in unity and thrive in our marriage.

There are several things in life that are a “must”: you must have a drivers license to drive…fish…hunt etc. Relationship Lifeline is one of those “must” do programs that I feel should be a requirement for everyone who is in any kind of relationship. I want my kids to go through the program when they become old enough.

I can’t say enough about how life changing this program is. It’s amazing how your entire life’s experience affects the way you do relationships as an adult. I’ve done just about every marriage study out there and we attended counseling session after counseling session…counseling pales in comparison to all that this program has to offer and what you walk away with. I often times describe it as years worth of counseling crammed into 4 days. It’s the most effective program out there in my opinion and I strongly encourage everyone to attend. We all have dysfunctional families and relationships to some degree. This program will leave you having a far better perspective and compassion on people’s “why?”…why they behave the way they do etc. So, before you consider divorce or separation, consider Relationship Lifeline. It’s 4 days…. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.