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The Pile

By June 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

When my husband and I came to Relationship Lifeline, we were both looking for a way to renew our relationship so that we could really enjoy each other in this phase of our life as empty nesters. Although we were always very much in love throughout several years of marriage, we had built up some resentment, held on to old hurts and didn’t always fight fair. I call all of this “the pile”; the pile of unresolved stuff that comes between a couple and gets bigger and bigger until you just don’t know what it is that is making you angry or what you are actually fighting about anymore. After a weekend in the program, we were able to clean up the pile and really see each other as the people we fell in love with. It was a life changing experience that I recommend to everyone who wants to bring real happiness back into their marriage.