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We Thought our Marriage was Perfect!

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

My husband and I heard about the Relationship Lifeline, and having done relationship seminars previously, we were interested in learning more new tools to maintain a healthy marriage. We had heard that Ron and Tina were the most caring, compassionate, and committed leaders, who we trusted completely to guide us through this weekend. We did not know what to expect throughout the weekend, or what we would learn throughout the process. What we got out of the Weekend, was more than we could have imagined! The process is amazing, and the exercises are life changing.

Our 10 Year marriage was in great shape, with minor issues that needed to be dealt with. I would say that we learned that resentment, and anger were the barriers in our marriage that caused some stress, but it wasn’t anger or bitterness to each other so much, but to others around us (ex wife, step children, parents). The beginning of our journey led us to why we react the way we do, and to realize our “story”, which led us to the most healing I have done in my life. We learned that we weren’t so perfect after all!

What we both got out of the Weekend, was a huge lesson in Forgiveness, which dissolved so much weight that was a burden on both of us. We forgave each other for behaving in ways that didn’t support our marriage, as well to those around us in our families, which caused tension amongst all of us. Forgiveness is Freedom!

One other most important thing that I received out of the program, was a relationship with Jesus. Having never been brought up with a relationship with God, I had questions, concerns, reservations, about the church and God. Having done an exercise that challenged my beliefs of God and surrendering to Him, I had a surreal experience that changed my life, and my relationship with God. I found Jesus that day!
We met so many couples and met great friends throughout the weekend. It was an amazing experience. I would recommend this Weekend to anyone!

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