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Unstuck and Living Above The Line

By June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

About 7 yrs ago, Kathy and I decided we wanted a better marriage and actively pursued it. We met Ron and Tina Konkin at a marriage seminar at our church and it was there that Ron said we needed to go to Relationship Lifeline. I was miserably stuck, not able to connect with my feelings and Kathy was tired of being invisible whenever we were in a group setting.

While at the intensive¬†program I managed to take a “7” marriage and turn it into “2”, all in the time it took to do “the Lifeline” game. Afterwards, Kathy and I returned to our room to”work it out”. By 9am the next morning, we were back to a 7, looking to make it better. The thing that I discovered that was at the core of my issues was “Not Good Enough”. All my life I ran to refuges like alcohol, drugs, sex, and even porn, to make myself feel better but not knowing why.

Kathy and I enjoy the best marriage we’ve ever had but not because it’s problem free. In January of this year our lives were turned upside down when an accident at work left me with my dominant right hand losing all my fingers. 13surgeries later I am trying to get the three reattached fingers to bend. I will never be able to return to my job. Missing my thumb and index finger has changed everything, physically, financially, and emotionally. One thing that hasn’t changed is that WE continue to Live Above The Line, because we can! This changes things in our lives but doesn’t end it! These tools we learned at Lifeline¬†continue to help us maintain the right perspective. We are blessed and we know it!